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FirstGenSouth is a dynamic collective of first-generation professionals in South Carolina creating impact through their work.

As we're almost always the first in our families to access academic and professional spaces in the US,  FirstGenSouth is our private sounding board; a space to lift each other's work and spirit in order to continue contributing to our communities and families at optimal levels.

Our private sessions include:

Leadership: We read and review books that speak to our experiences

Support: We share our challenges and support one another.

Influence: We invite notable guest speakers that inspire us.

Impact: We examine ways to grow this initiative and network, inviting other first-gen professionals to up-coming cohorts. 

Why first-generation professionals?

We often carve our own career paths without guidance.

Responsibility towards family is strong, therefore managing authenticity is a constant balance.

We are more prone to self-doubt and guilt due to our family's often difficult stories of survival.

We consider first-generation professionals to be those who are the first to be born in the US to immigrant parents, or have been raised in the US for the majority of their lives. 

FirstGenSouth is an initiative of Mila Consulting. For collaborations, please contact

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